Lotto coupon give away once differently... 

                             In a Lotto coupon of wax is the real spark to give away.         
                       In a Lotto coupon of wax is the real spark to give away.

4 reasons for an original Dietrich candle:

1. My candles are characterized by unique 3D-motifs

For me the applications are not simply cut out of a wax plate and
clapped on the candle.
I also do not buy finished wax applications, which are then
1:1 glued on the candle.
Each ornament is handmade by me personally.
This gives my candles a unique and distinctive design.
The advantage: everything is possible - in every color variation



Beispiele für 3D Motive von Kerzen Manuela Dietrich www.kerzendietrich.eu


2. Each candle can be decorated with a photo or logo

Here you can choose between colored, gray or sepia.
The photo is edited by me so that for example background can be changed,
or in the case of multi-person pictures really only the actual desired are depicted on the candle...

There are endless possibilities  :)



3. The optics count

      I often see candles, where my heart begins to bleed...
A unique, unforgettable occasion with a very special candle, and then the motifs are crooked or trembling - a sag sight for me.
My candles are only delivered when I am 100% satisfied.
When a candle is finished, I always send photos first.
Then you can get a picture of it in advance and announce any change requests.



4. Customized prices

I have no package rates.
I calculate each candle according to actual effort.
The total amount will be communicated to you BEFORE ordering.
As a guideline you can calculate per candle with approx. € 30,- to € 60,-
None of my candles was more expensive than € 90,-




              Spruch Kerzen von kerzendietrich.eu